Five Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

It’s no secret that YouTube is a major avenue for musicians to not only cultivate a fanbase, but to stay in constant contact with their fans. Consistently publishing videos on YouTube shows fans that you’re creating all the time. It also gives them something to enjoy while you’re working on recording new songs, and it shows that you’re more than just a musician.

So, there are a myriad of benefits to posting videos on YouTube. But more than that, there’s a right way to do it. Below, we outline the five best ways to optimize your videos, so you get the most out of using YouTube.

1. Make sure your metadata is in order:

Just like music, metadata on YouTube is crucial. On YouTube, metadata is mainly the title and description. It’s the text featured on the page for your video. If your title is confusing or misleading, viewers are less likely to watch because they won’t know if they’re in the right place.

The same goes for your video description. Accurately describe what’s in your video so viewers know what they’re watching. If you want to get viewers to leave YouTube and head to another page like your personal website, put that URL at the beginning of your video’s description so it appears before the “show more” section.

2. Keywords are crucial:

If you’re trying to build your fanbase, many of your new viewers and potential fans are going to come from people finding your video when searching YouTube for something else. This is where keywords come in. Have you ever searched for something specific and then clicked another video that showed up in the search out of curiosity? Of course you have. Everyone has. This is how viewers come across your video when they weren’t searching for it specifically. Think about what keywords you can work into your metadata to make your video easier to discover.

Your description is especially useful for employing keywords since there’s much more room than in the title. It pays to do some research on keywords related to your topic, and there are a few free services that tell you which keywords you can use. While these sites might not give you something specific, they can jar your brain and inspire some creativity to think of new related words or phrases.

3. Introduce yourself:

Create a short introduction that can be used in multiple videos in a series. This creates a sense of cohesion for your channel. That’s important when trying to establish a vibe or certain tone in your videos. It unifies them. One of the keys to a well-presented channel is that all of the videos in a series flow from one to the next. Using the same intro for multiple videos gives your channel a personal style and establishes character.

4. Make it interactive:

Have you seen pop-ups at the beginning or end of a video linking to other videos or specific URLs? Those are called Cards in YouTube-speak, and they’re a great tool for your viewers to interact with your video. If you have other videos, create cards for a few of them and post one at the beginning and one or two at the end of your video. This will drive traffic to your other videos, so viewers don’t have to search for them. It also leads to the infamous “YouTube Rabbit Hole.” Who among us hasn’t finished watching a video and clicked on the next recommended one, thinking “just one more before bed,” only to emerge from the deep dive an hour later? If you have lots of videos, you want that continuity. In the On-Demand era, convenience is crucial for users. Why make them search when you can point them directly to another of your videos?

5. Professionalize it:

Finish your video by making it look professional. There are a few little touches you can add to really elevate your video and make sure your future videos draw and keep viewers.

A custom thumbnail will make your video stand out in a column of generic thumbnails. You can use this to tease something exciting in the video you’re posting.

Adding a watermark to your video places a signature logo in the bottom right corner. Think of a cool logo for your channel and stick it in all your videos as a watermark. Viewers can click on the logo to head to your channel, where they can subscribe. Subscriptions are what take a channel from good to great. Subscribers to a channel are notified any time that channel posts a new video, which in turn guarantees more views. You want to take any opportunity to point viewers to where they can go to subscribe.

You’ll also want to upload your video in HD quality. Users can select the quality of videos, so make sure to upload the highest quality possible. This is at least 720p or 1080p resolution.

These are just the basics to get you started on your way to YouTube fame and fortune. YouTube adds new functions to its service fairly frequently, so you’ll want to keep apprised of those to take advantage of new tools. To get the most out of YouTube, we suggest joining YouTube Academy to learn everything the service has to offer.

The Top 3 Greatest Sound Brands on YouTube

Y O U T U B E   S O U N D   B R A N D S –  A N D   W H Y   Y O U   N E E D   O N E !

The Top 3 Greatest Sound Brands on YouTube

And Tips to Create Your Own Notable YouTube Video Style

There is one thing that all famous YouTubers have in common whether it be vlogging, tech reviewing, sketch comedy, cooking or just about any other genre or sub genre on YouTube that has found mass audience appeal –  a sound brand. In this entry, let’s take a closer look at the Top 3 YouTubers whose sound branding absolutely is on point.

But first, what is a sound brand? Well take a moment and think of your all time favorite YouTuber and ask yourself “Do they have an intro and outro with a notable music loops or sound effects?” “Do they have background music or regular sound effects that you have come to recognize to be synonymous with the show?” Those are all prime examples of a sound brand. Sounds, effects, and music loops all easily obtained from websites such as but utilized and regularly fed back to the audience in a way that the sound or loop itself becomes iconically entwined with the show. The overall ability that even if you just heard the music and sounds commonly used in your favorite YouTube series without seeing any visuals that you would immediately be able to identify the show is evidence of successful sound branding and what helps make the biggest youtube channels.

#3 Casey Neistat – 10 million subscribers

The man who invented the vlog – Casey Neistat. Easily one of the most popular youtubers on the platform these days. He understood early on the importance of creating a prominent sound brand within his vlogs and he quickly incorporated his skateboard grunge esthetic into everything he possibly could; especially so in regards to sound. Each vlog will kick off with his intro and original track followed by a series of background grunge loops and tracks he’s curated and compiled over the years and will use when he needs to subtley convey different emotions he is trying to evoke in sections of his vlog. The background music content he uses has become so popular as his sound brand that you can even search on YouTube playlist mixes of Casey’s Neistat that they too has millions of listens. Without his sound branding Casey Neistat’s vlogs would lack the emotional punch and drive they so inherently carry. Check out some of his vlogs and see how skillfully sound branding can enhance your project.

#2 Game Theory – 11 million subscribers

Video games are always – ALWAYS – all the rage, and YouTube is no exception. Close on the heels of live Twitch streams comes a dedicated bunch of gamers on the YouTube platform with incredibly sizable fan bases. One particular YouTube gamer, Mat Pat at Game Theory, has found a niche of researching a games lore and developing new and sometimes unexpected theories about the games we all hold near and dear. From his branded musical intro followed by him toting off his notable slogan “Hey Guys! Welcome to Game Theory” altogether creates an incredibly recognizable and powerful sound brand. It’s this one-two punch of branding that I find so effective that I’ve even caught myself humming along to the intro and matching Mat’s slogan as a new episode comes on.

#1 Good Mythical Morning – 14 million subscribers

The singing and variety series comedic duo, Rhett and Link, who host Good Mythical Morning have been mainstream YouTubers since the very beginning of the platform. Early on in their career they realized the importance of creating a premium sound brand. Nowadays their primary show is a daily variety comedy series called Good Mythical Morning. Each episode may cover a new subject and content but in each episode their is a clear and recognizable opening and closing bumper along with notable transition sounds and background music. They recently just started their 15th season (Wow!) and following their trend the only thing that changes between seasons is their intro and outro sound branding which I find to be a refreshing way to audibly cue the listeners into feeling the show has a new layer of renewed energy even after so many seasons.

There you have it! You know realize the best YouTubers are in part the ones who know how to create a memorable and lasting sound brands for their fan base. Now you know it’s not just what you show the audience, but it’s also how you sound to the audience that can a leave a lasting impression that goes far beyond after the video is over. If you’re in the market to develop your very own sound brand and don’t quite know where to start may I humbly suggest checking out for all your sounds, effects, and music loops needs to get up and running quickly and sounding amazing!

What do you think? Are these the freshest sound brands on Youtube at the moment? Do you know someone with a better sound brand or think we missed one? We’re always down to check out new and amazing talent on YouTube. Let us know in the comments below!