AJ Video Services and AudioMicro Music – A Winning Combination

We get a lot of great stories from users about how our services played a key part in their success.  In Carlstadt, New Jersey, AJ Video Services recently used five of our royalty free tracks for a client’s election campaign video. All three men who participated in the video were elected.  Each of the three men credited the video as “the video that won the campaign.”

The video begins with the story of Carstadt’s humble beginnings, and is accompanied by the track “Piano, Old Mexican Style,” which really brings the visual and narrative together.  As the narrative transitions to the present, the track “Dare to Dream” begins to play as it presents all the wonderful progress the city of Carlstadt has made and the beautiful small-town-feel it has preserved.

The next sequence cues the danger-infused track “Deadline,” as it warns how Carlstadt’s beauty is being threatened by the proposal of massive new housing, accommodating for 20,000 new people that would be built on Carlstadt’s coveted meadowlands.  Will Roseman, the mayor who is running for reelection, speaks about his commitment to preserving the beauty of Carlstadt and its natural surroundings while “Deadline” fades out.

Next up in the soundtrack is the inspirational “Shades of Blue”, which progressively builds momentum as city councilman Dennis Ritchie expresses his commitment to the hard work and pride he takes in maintaining the integrity of the city’s financial structure.

Transitioning into “Business World”, the video and music work together to strike an inspiring and triumphant chord as Council Candidate Jim Lenoy talks about the strong and safe community that is Carlstadt and his commitment to its preservation.

Each of the five tracks were placed incredibly well in the 11 minute video, and certainly puts on display the versatility and depth of the AudioMicro Library (Not to mention the fantastic video production services by AJ Video).

Congratulations to AJ Video Services and the three newly elected officials for a great campaign. You can check out the full campaign video here.

If you like the tracks, please find the individual links to them below.

Royalty Free Latin Music – Piano, Old Mexican Style

Royalty Free Corporate Music – Dare to Dream

Royalty Free Rock Music – Deadline

Royalty Free Business Music – Shades of Blue

Royalty Free Epic Music – Business World

We’ll be back soon with more exciting news from the AudioMicro community.


Royalty Free Music with a Bang- Happy July 4th Weekend!


What’s up media lovers and music fanatics? We hope you are enjoying your summer so far and are looking forward to a fun filled July 4th Weekend. Happy Birthday USA! You know the drill, we are back checking in with the monthly hotness to keep you in the loop on June’s top new uploads and artists in the royalty free music game. Let’s get right into it.


We recently saw an influx of very true to form Lady Gaga/Katy Perry/Rihanna esque productions, coupled with some fun urban and hip hop tunes, from Los Angeles based WeAreAA. They recently began compiling their cue library and we are excited to be their exclusive online distributor. Check out their rapidly expanding library of modern synth pop, hip hop and urban music here.


We know, we know, we mentioned her last month…But Lori has been on an absolute tear recently as her portfolio has grown by over 200 tracks since our last post…wow. Most tracks feature her fantastic guitar work, be it acoustic noodling or wall of sound metal style shredding, Lori is on it. Take a few minutes to check out all the new goods here.


Natkingkong is a fantastic composer who recently began uploading several new cuts in experimental, corporate, dramatic and orchestral feels. His portfolio of just over 30 tracks is not about quantity, but quality, and that quality is par excellence. You will find nothing but world-class compositions and mixes in this collection, and they are both refreshing and incredibly useful. Check them out here.

Know any hot artists we need to get on board? Want some different genres of vibes featured next month? Drop a comment in the comments section and let us know your thoughts. Have a great 4th of July.

The Platinum Collection – 20,000 New Production Music Tracks!


Exciting news! We have just added over 20,000 new production music tracks in a new offering called “The Platinum Collection”, a hand picked selection of award winning music.  Historically, these new 20,000 tracks have only been available to major television networks and feature film producers in a rights managed licensing format.  We are pleased to offer this material under a new, simplified licensing agreement.

All Platinum Collection tracks have a special icon that appears in search and browse results to let you know that you are listening to platinum collection material. Please note that with this great new collection carries a more limited license. The main restrictions are that the tracks are for single use only and they cannot be used on television or in feature films.  For full license details, please be sure to check out the Platinum Content License Agreement.  As always, our standard collection is still available with over 27,000 tracks and suitable for nearly any production imaginable.  We hope that you will enjoy these great new tracks.

Lastly, to simplify our licensing packages, we have renamed “The Premium Collection” to the “The Gold Collection” and set up a Content License Details Page that compares our 3 collections – Platinum, Gold, and Standard.  Be sure to check out the Content License Details page if you have questions about the projects for which each collection is pre-approved for.

–The AudioMicro Team (Ryan, Carolyn, Noah, Zach, Yuri, Aleksey, Dmitri, Pavel, Yaroslav, & Elena)

The Premium Collection – 13,000 New Production Music Tracks

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We have just added over 13,000 record label owned, production music tracks to AudioMicro. The new offering is being called “The Premium Collection“. Historically, this entire collection has only been available to major television networks and feature film producers in a rights managed licensing format. We are please to offer this material to you and hope that you will enjoy all the great new tracks. All Premium Collection Tracks have a special flag that appears in search and browse results to let you know that you are listening to premium material. Please note that with this great new collection carries a more limited, royalty free music license. The main restriction is that the tracks cannot be used on network / cable television or in any project with a budget over fifty thousand dollars. For full license details, please be sure to check out the Premium Content License Agreement. If you need to use tracks in a manner outside the scope of the Premium Content License Agreement, our standard collection is still available with over 24,000 tracks and suitable for nearly any audio visual production imaginable.

Sound Tracks Utilizing Stock Music and Sound Effects from AudioMicro

Curious to see the AudioMicro sound library in action? Check out a few videos samples that incorporate music and sound effects from our library. Examples include movie scores, professional presentations, promotional videos, and personal slide shows.  Enjoy!

And here are a few links from around the web.

If you like motorcycles, you’ll enjoy this one…

The making of California Balloons, a short film about French spies…

A personal travel video about a trip to the beach…

A Trip to the Beach from Kerri Sheehan on Vimeo.

Support your favorite charity….

and last but not least, from Equal, the makers of LonelyGirl15, one of the most popular YouTube video series’ of all time…

Adding music will attract 100% more viewers to your online videos.

Here is a YouTube video we randomly pulled today called “scacchi clay stop motion – chess clay stop motion”.  This video has close to 250,000 views on YouTube, undoubtedly earning rev share money for it’s creator.   It’s a great example of how the music makes the video (or phrased a better way, the music is at least 50% of the entertainment value of this video or more).  Wonder if they legally licensed this track?  Likely so as it came from the YouTube music libary that allows you to overlay certain public domain tracks.  The popularity of videos like this one serve as a powerful reminder of the entertainment value of music when pared with a visual production and the need for a viable outlet for appropriately securing sync licenses for consumer generated videos such as those on YouTube.