6 Holiday Tracks to Get You in The Christmas Spirit

Looking for that perfect sound for Xmas?
Here are 5 of our favorite holiday royalty-free tracks that will get you in the Christmas spirit, and add some jingle to your current project!

#1. Christmas in Hollywood – by FullScore


#2. Magical Christmas Snowflakes – by Zhanic

#3. Christmas Opening – by FullScore

#4. Uplifting Christmas – by Botabateau

#5. Orchestral Merry Christmas – by FreddieHangoler

#6. Spirit of Christmas – by FullScore

Happy Holidays!

A Very Bob Dylan Christmas to You


This may come as a surprise to Bob Dylan fans – or it may not, since he loves to run contrary to fans’ expectations – but Mr. Tambourine Man himself has put out a Christmas album.  Sean Wilentz, the official historian at BobDylan.com, Princeton American History professor, and author, says, “Bob Dylan here is adding a new dimension to Christmas music – with a voice that is infinitely recognizable.”  And who doesn’t want to hear that voice singing “Here Comes Santa Claus”?

But there is more than one reason to buy the album, Christmas in the Heart.  A donor advised fund (DAF) has been set up to funnel the royalties that the album earns to various charities worldwide.  CAFAmerica, a nonprofit “dedicated to expanding borderless charitable giving,” is working in conjunction with Columbia/Epic, a Sony Music Entertainment label, to raise funds for CRISIS.  This charity works to end homelessness through education, work, housing, and health and wellness initiatives.  And so far, an incredible $125,000 has been earned by the album.  CRISIS will be able to receive grants to continue its work.

Susan Saxon-Harrold, CAFAmerica’s CEO, said:

We are thrilled that CAFAmerica will be able to assist Columbia/Epic and Bob Dylan in supporting grants to CRISIS and other charities in the United Kingdom and United States. Bob Dylan’s generosity, lending both his name and his music to this noble effort, will ensure that many thousands of people do not go hungry during the holiday season. CAFAmerica is delighted to find a charitable solution to assist Bob Dylan and his record company in supporting the causes they are committed to globally. Supporting a charitable initiative like this one in perpetuity is a bold move and is likely to result in a real difference in lifting people out of poverty.

Most of the album’s US royalties will go to the US charity, Feeding America.  The World Food Programme will also receive grants.  Bob Dylan said of his choices, “The problem of hunger is ultimately solvable, which means we must each do what we can to help feed those who are suffering and support efforts to find long-term solutions.”

Donor advised funds are vehicles for charitable giving that are administered by third-parties, such as CAFAmerica.  This is an extremely popular method of giving because tax and legality issues ensure that the recipients get the maximum amount possible.

Bob Dylan is a music pioneer; love him or hate him, he has one of the most recognizable voices in history.  A musician of his stature can raise more money for charities with one album than many people could in a lifetime.  The donation of the royalties from Christmas in the Heart’s is quite likely a first in the music business, but hopefully far from the last.

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