AudioMicro Client Success Story: Japanese Fishing Masters!

We’ll be spending the rest of the weekend dreaming of sushi! Click play for Japanese Fishing Master awesomeness!

AJ Video Services and AudioMicro Music – A Winning Combination

We get a lot of great stories from users about how our services played a key part in their success.  In Carlstadt, New Jersey, AJ Video Services recently used five of our royalty free tracks for a client’s election campaign video. All three men who participated in the video were elected.  Each of the three men credited the video as “the video that won the campaign.”

The video begins with the story of Carstadt’s humble beginnings, and is accompanied by the track “Piano, Old Mexican Style,” which really brings the visual and narrative together.  As the narrative transitions to the present, the track “Dare to Dream” begins to play as it presents all the wonderful progress the city of Carlstadt has made and the beautiful small-town-feel it has preserved.

The next sequence cues the danger-infused track “Deadline,” as it warns how Carlstadt’s beauty is being threatened by the proposal of massive new housing, accommodating for 20,000 new people that would be built on Carlstadt’s coveted meadowlands.  Will Roseman, the mayor who is running for reelection, speaks about his commitment to preserving the beauty of Carlstadt and its natural surroundings while “Deadline” fades out.

Next up in the soundtrack is the inspirational “Shades of Blue”, which progressively builds momentum as city councilman Dennis Ritchie expresses his commitment to the hard work and pride he takes in maintaining the integrity of the city’s financial structure.

Transitioning into “Business World”, the video and music work together to strike an inspiring and triumphant chord as Council Candidate Jim Lenoy talks about the strong and safe community that is Carlstadt and his commitment to its preservation.

Each of the five tracks were placed incredibly well in the 11 minute video, and certainly puts on display the versatility and depth of the AudioMicro Library (Not to mention the fantastic video production services by AJ Video).

Congratulations to AJ Video Services and the three newly elected officials for a great campaign. You can check out the full campaign video here.

If you like the tracks, please find the individual links to them below.

Royalty Free Latin Music – Piano, Old Mexican Style

Royalty Free Corporate Music – Dare to Dream

Royalty Free Rock Music – Deadline

Royalty Free Business Music – Shades of Blue

Royalty Free Epic Music – Business World

We’ll be back soon with more exciting news from the AudioMicro community.


Burgeoning Video Producers and Royalty Free Music Aficionados at Hackensack Christian School

A quick look at the Hackensack Christian Schools website quickly clues you in to how seriously they take their media and media education.

Visitors  land on a very sleek home page that rotates a slideshow of a few different telling images – one of which is a photo of Jason Ellinger’s (of A.J. Video Productions)10th Grade Video Production class in full swing.  Ellinger has been using AudioMicro’s royalty free music library in various productions for quite some time now, but recently his junior-senior class also learned about the benefits of royalty free music and put an entire production together all on their own, with little help from Ellinger. Juniors & seniors in high school…WOW.

Here’s a quick quote from the director, Arabella Robinson, a high school senior:

“It was a really fun learning experience!  I’m usually the one in front of the camera doing plays or skits for church & school but being behind the camera was great, I really got to see how everything was put together and how much hard work really had to be accomplished… and with all that hard work I think our group did a great job!”

Ellinger recently touched base with us to let us know about his awesome work with the group, saying:

“I was so proud of the kids for choosing this track and putting everything together that I just HAD to share!”

And of course, we couldn’t be happier that he did. It is a very rewarding feeling to see our royalty free music library contributing to the education and growth of these talented youngsters.

Check out HCS’ future newscasters, reporters and producers in action here–>

(intro music “Data Overload” by EasyAccessMusic)