Windows Live Movie Maker now Featuring AudioMicro Music and Sound Effects

windows live movie maker logo
I’m proud to announce on behalf of the entire AudioMicro team that the new release of Windows Live Movie Maker now features a link directly to music and sound effects from AudioMicro. Users of the software can now navigate from the edit window straight to the web’s best resource for royalty free music and sound effects –

To enable the music feature, Movie Maker requires that you have some visual element first in the edit window. Once a visual element (either a picture or video will suffice) is in place, the “Add Music” button becomes live. By clicking on the dropdown arrow (rather than the music note itself), users are exposed to a few different external links, the first of which goes directly to AudioMicro’s royalty free music page.


Video production and media presentation in general can be enriched greatly by the addition of music and sound effects. Lately there has been a flurry of new media and video production products released. Now Movie Maker users have the ability to find great music online by navigating within the software to the web.

Movie Maker continues to progress and is quite an avant garde video production tool, particularly for those with little prior video editing or production experience. It seems Microsoft is taking great strides and great pride in simplifying their users’ experience. We at AudioMicro do just the same.  Making movies shouldn’t require an expensive rig or advanced degree. And neither should finding the perfect tunes for your movies.

AudioMicro has worked with Microsoft in the past, providing sound effects and royalty free music to users of Microsoft Office. With the addition of the AudioMicro link in Windows Movie Maker, an even broader expanse of Microsoft/Windows 7 users will now have direct access to our award winning music and sound effects. We couldn’t be happier.

AudioMicro Certified Hotness – Dubstep Anyone?


Ever since Skrillex walked away with 3 Grammys in early 2012, the use of Dubstep has fast become a mainstay in media sync music. From Infiniti commercials to The Championships at Wimbledon, it seems every ad agency has jumped on the bandwagon and rightfully so. It is ideal for high energy media with definitive visual hit points. Here’s why…

Dubstep is a very heavy variety of EDM (electronic dance music), crafted through very intense “momentary” arrangements. Screeching high pitch sounds are often followed by gasps of sonic space, only to be refilled with huge bass “wobble” sounds – glitches, white noise, and other EDM production archetypes are used throughout as well. These dramatic sonic changes, coupled with the brief rests and restarts, keep listeners’ heads nodding at a frantic double timed pace. These rests and restarts also make for great hit points when synced to video.

Skrillex pulled in over $15,000,000 last year, with sync fees for his more popular tracks reaching well into the 6 figures range. Lucky for you, AudioMicro has a rapidly growing arsenal of top quality dubstep tracks and producers that you could license for any use imaginable. With prices ranging from a mere $29.95 to $279.95 (check out our License page for more details on the cost breakdown).


WARNING, Dubstep is not for the sonically faint of heart.

Here are 5 of my favorites we have received thus far – courtesy of DubStepKings, MakeSomeNoise and Artmel.


Rebels Attack – A nicely arranged, musical dubstep track with a nice verse/chorus/bridge feel. Super glitchy and crazy.

Eroded Sun – an almost classical sounding intro compositionally speaking, evolves into a cool, trippy dubstep jam with a nice bridge and outro section


UpStep Dubstep – all I have to say is WOW – progressive, musical, intense. This guy is on top of his wobble game for sure.

Dubstep Intro – MakeSomeNoise strilkes again with this 60 second cue. Heavy wobbles are preceded by a cool little intro build to get it started.


Dubstep Loop – this is a really cool loopable piece from Artmel based on a very jazzy progression, I really dig it – super unique vibe.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Have an awesome weekend everyone.