AudioMicro Certified Hotness – World Class Composers


Here at AudioMicro we spend a lot of time talking about the tracks that send us to another level of sonic enjoyment, and the fantastic composers who take us there. So this week I thought we’d give some love to three of our favorites that make it all possible. The following composers each bring their own blend of rhythm and originality, from alternative rock to salsa flare to otherworldly sound design and production elements. Check out the individual tracks below or click on any of the bolded/underlined headers to go straight to their entire portfolio.

NashvilleComposer might be new to our platform, but its obvious he’s been in the music making business for a long time. A smooth integration of classic instrumentals with modern themes provide the listener with an expansive, and always aptly titled and themed, listening experience:

Warm Memories – Orchestral

Upbeat Trainbeat – Country


Easy Americana – Contemporary and Pop

Bruce Zimmerman’s music has been found in over 500 commercial projects from network TV to major motion pictures. His wide variety of sounds and intrumental skills are sure to have something for your next project, whether its a high energy sports scene or a corporate training video.

Positive Energy – Corporate

Executive Decision – T.V. Drama

Love Your Mom – Folk

The perfect mix of rock and synth, Neil Cross’s music dances around the globe in terms of aesthetic and appeal. His ear for infusing a cultural or themed vibe into his music is astounding, and the pieces below exemplify this perfectly.

A Spanish Affair – Latin

Delicate Space – Ambient Soundscapes

Come Dine With Me – Cool Jazz

These three professionals are are as diverse as they are talented, each a master in a diverse set of genres. We hope you enjoy the above tunes and look forward to checking in soon with some more AudioMicro certified hotness. Have a fantastic weekend!

AudioMicro Certified Hotness – Club/Urban


Its been a little over a week since we last checked in with some AudioMicro Certified Hotness. Keeping with last week’s trend of celebrating a truly American genre of music, today I’d like to highlight a few of our best urban/club producers and tracks.

The artists below all have diverse portfolios, but common strengths in contemporary sequencing and programming, creating heavy rhythm beds, and composing tracks with definitive club/urban appeal.


SBtracks has been featured on our blog and in newsletters a few times.  He’s a long-standing AudioMicro contributor and honestly, we couldn’t possibly feature him enough. The “hype-ness” he brings with each of his productions is through the roof. Of his 200+ tracks on the site, over 100 have been added to users’ favorites.

Here are a couple of ours:

Check out the entire portfolio here.


WeAreAA joined the platform in late 2011. Since then they have compiled a flurry of pop, hip hop, and urban cuts, along with myriad beat and synth production loops. Recently, they have uploaded a couple very pointed progressive, orchestral urban cues in varying spot lengths. Check them out here:

Looking for some urban with a little more world/international appeal? Hip Hop Middle Eastern is one of our most popular cues for the job. Check it out:

View their entire portfolio here.


Dvient only recently joined the platform.  A small portfolio of 7 tracks is growing steadily. The quality of these tracks is fantastic. My current favorite is Jazz Club. Check it out here:

Or take a few minutes to listen to his diverse portfolio here.

That’s all for now. We’ll check back in next week with some more AudioMicro Certified hotness.

Thanks for reading.


Happy Independence Day!


Happy Birthday to the United States of America! Ahhh the 4th- good friends, barbeques, cold beverages, music, and yes of course – fireworks.

Few things are as definitively awesome and American as a butt kickin’ Fireworks show on the 4th of July. That said, if you’re shooting video of the show, catching the sound isn’t always the easiest thing to do – especially considering fireworks shows don’t necessarily take place in the most confined of sonic spaces. How about adding some whistles to round out the scene? Still not quite there? Not to fret because this awesome grand finale fireworks sound effect will fill the void in your 4th of July video’s sound mix perfectly. Check it out.

So we’ve got a couple great sound effects for America’s birthday, now how about some tunes?

Celebrating a nation’s birthday without a sweet rendition of their national anthem would be terribly unpatriotic – good thing AudioMicro has the goods. Check out this fantastically performed National Anthem, and don’t forget to join in the fun by hooting and hollering starting at “the rockets red glare.” It’ll sound just like Dodger stadium.

Lastly, on a more personal note, two genres of music really defined my formative years in the States, and those were Hip Hop and Rock.

There are some fantastic hip hop and rock composers on the site, many of whom also fly the American flag! One of my personal favorites is RCummins. His style is truly classic American hip hop, and the track “Good for the Soul” is an awesome mellow background track for the barbeque scene in your video. Check it out here. Or check out R’s entire portfolio here.

Now, its time for rock! This one’s easy – just yesterday we added tunes from KJrecords, many of which make up some of the best rock tracks the platform has ever seen. Check out:

All Night Blues in E and Swampdog Blues in D – to get a taste. Or check out the entire portfolio of world class studio productions here.

Have a safe, fun and musical 4th! Until next time…