That’s True Love: Couple Says iDo

Do you love your partner more than your iPhone?  Let’s hope so.  A couple from New York said their vows at a Fifth Avenue Apple Store.  Josh and Ting Li met there, and love bloomed app style.  They married on Valentine’s Day, their rings attached to iPhones – first gens, your choice for wedding apparel.  They wrote their vows on Letterpress cards, vowing to love each other even more than their iPhones.  The final touch was the jeans and black turtleneck clad minister ala Steve Jobs who read the ceremony from a white 3Gen iPhone.

During the minister’s ceremony, he invoked the name of the almighty.  Not God, but Steve Jobs.   Quote a Jobs’ speech, he said, “said: “You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down.”  Good for Josh and Ting.

Whose idea was the Apple store wedding?  Isn’t that what every little girl dreams of?  Ting suggested it.  Says her hubby:  “We got to know each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod…I used to joke that the Apple store is my church.  Ting then came up with the idea of having the wedding there.”

Josh and Ting came into the Apple store – wedding dress, wedding party, the whole deal – at midnight on February 14, much to the amazement of customers at the 24 hour store.  Perhaps the first couple ever to get married in an Apple store, the Lis aren’t the first to look to the iPhone for help when it comes to wedded bliss.

Meridian, LLC, for instance, has recently launched America’s first Tuxedo App.  This allows grooms (or their brides) to choose from a comprehensive selection of colors and brand name tuxedo styles for their big day.  The geo-locator will find the closest dealers in your area, who you can then call.  You can also email your partner with your selections for approval.

There are tons of apps to help brides and grooms get ready for the big day, including iWed.  This handy app helps you plan your wedding, track details, manage your guest list, and much more.  iBridal Gown is another favorite.  This allows brides to shop for a dress “like a pro.”  The WedLink helps you announce your impending nuptials to your friends (better than announcing on Facebook?), as well as find services that you’ll need for the big day.  You can check these all out at the App store.

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