TheMusicCase Releases the TMC Web Player


Looking for a new royalty free music player? Check out has one of the largest royalty free music libraries, and now they are offering an innovative new tool for developers, flash designers and websites owners who need quality music background on their projects. Without any pay-per-track fee, the new music player introduces a new model in the royalty free music industry. You’ll also get unlimited royalty free music when you download the player at

There is no cost to download the music player, and users can listen to royalty free music simply with the use of the embed code. There are no pay-per-track fees. The program for the music player is extremely compatible and the interface connects with each user’s “favorites” section in order to create a playlist. The music player can be used in HTML websites, Flash Actionscript 2 websites, and Flash Actionscript 3 websites. Users may select any genre of music from the 15,000 royalty free tracks library. Experienced producers have handpicked each track, so you’ll definitely find a unique selection of all music styles. Enjoy all classic composers available in commercial cuts (featuring 30 sec, 60, sec, underscores, etc.). The only drawback is that playlists may have to be reorganized every time users wish to change their music background page.

According to their website, is a leading world class music provider for producers. Representing some of the most experienced music producers from all over the world, we provide our clients with high quality production tracks and songs covering a wide list of musical styles and genres. All music is designed for professional users such as: Directors, Advertisement producers, Web-designers, Television and radio stations, Video art creators, Music Supervisors and Record companies (tracks for mechanical reproduction for use in compilation CD’s). Users can locate database music themes that work best with their project, and purchase the relevant license in real time.

Visit for more information about the music player and royalty free music services.

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