Entourage Ferrari – The Hollywood Edge behind the scenes on “Entourage”

Our friends over at The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library recently provided their sound FX expertise in the season 6 premiere of HBO’s hit series, Entourage. Check out this video posted by the Edge as they take you behind the scenes of their day on the set, creating Entourage Ferrari sound effects and sound recordings for use in the HBO hit series.

In terms of recording audio and sound effects, the everyday listener may not realize that every automobile and its engine generates its own individual sounds and noises, which many car aficionados take very seriously. It may seem obvious that a Ferrari engine will sound different than one belonging to a Honda, but often times these details are overlooked and are taken for granted. Ferrari engines create their own unique sounds which The Hollywood Edge captures by recording such Ferrari models as the 430 Scuderia, the 559, the 612 Scaglietti, the California, and the F430. When you hear the effects on the show, you know you are really getting an authentic Ferrari engine sound recording. The Hollywood Edge and it’s parent company, Soundelux have been recognized as the best in their field, having been nominated for 4 Academy Awards as well as numerous Golden Reel Awards.  These guys are routinely hired by the top film directors in Hollywood to create and record authentic sound effects and sound recordings for major motion pictures.

Back to School: 5 Recommendations for Scholarly Enjoyment of Sound Effects & Music

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Below are 5 easy-to-find resources for all things music and sound effects.  We tried to find something for everyone.

1. Do-It-Your-Selfer? Mac User? Thundercats Ho! Apple’s newest all-in-one music creator Logic Studio lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform and its getting sweet sweet reviews. Read those sugary reviews here (macworld) or here (tweakheadz) Or check out Logic Studio on Apple’s website ;

2. Bookophile?  Two recommendations:

A.  a copy of The Sound Effects Bible by Ric Viers, or

B.  a copy of Sound Engineering Explained, by Michael Talbot-Smith;

3. Prefer to Learn by Watching? Check out the second video below of a kid on YouTube turing a $2 Piezo Transducer into a contact microphone in 8 minutes using a soldering iron, a jack and some foam padding.  Did somebody say MacGruber?

Imagination Transducer – Grampa’s reading glasses sold separately;

4. Want to Survey the Field? This next video gives one amateur’s view of the Top 10 Free Sound Effects Websites. Somehow the free sound effectsof AudioMicro.com failed to make the list.  Also, The Hollywood Edge came in at #3. This video – put together about a year ago – had over 146,000 views as of the time this blog post was put together.  Can’t argue with popularity;

5. Need a Distraction? The South Park guys have you covered.  Remember when Canada went on strike last year?  Or maybe you loved the Dr. Dre and Tupac-like “Californiananah” about how Cal-if-fornia is nice to homeless? The creators of South Park let you download mp3 audio clips from old South Park episodes here . The Kanye West-inspired track “Gay Fish” is hilariously devastating.  Check it out here –> Gay Fish .