What is the size of your market? Who purchases stock music?

Sit down on the couch, turn on your favorite sitcom or TV drama, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and listen. As you LISTEN (not watch) the episode, what do you hear? The continual music cues, stock music clip, production elements, and sound effects all throughout every show on every channel of the television. That’s just the TV example. On average, a show on network television spends $2.5 million per season per show on stock music and sound effects….simply put, it’s a $3 billion market opportunity in need of microstockitization.

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AudioMicro is a revolutionary collection of user-generated micro stock music, sound effects, production music, production elements and music cues. Finally, high quality audio content is available at unbelievable prices with no hidden costs or fees. AudioMicro is an artist friendly community, paying the highest royalty rate in the micro stock music industry! In addition, customers can purchase AudioMicro content at the most competitive rates available! Sign up and start contributing and licensing content today!

One thought on “What is the size of your market? Who purchases stock music?

  1. Nice blog. Thanks for posting the interesting information on SellaBand, which is a simple, yet progressive, way of harnessing technology and empowering people to control their music and its distribution. I've worked with high-profile artists and digital music companies for the last decade, and the music industry, still, after all of these years, continues to move at a snails pace – so this is good news for artists and consumers.

    On another note, I just read that your company is presenting at the "Under the Radar" conference, in June. Good luck to you – it will be interesting to check out your site once it's public.

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