The Commercial Photography Industry Today = The Commerical Music Licensing Industry in 5 – 10 Years

AudioMicro just returned from the NAB Show in Las Vegas this past weekend.? Our research from the show confirms out expressed beliefs that the commercial stock photographer market is nearly identical to the commercial music licensing market and that the future growth of this industry lies in the real of micro stock / micro payment.? There are a handful of companies at the high end (Rights Managed) end licensing stock music to films and television for $1,000 or often much more, and there are a handful of nice royalty free CDs collections with thousands of stock music tracks and sound effects available on a per DC basis.? I sound like I’m describing the stock photography industry don’t I?? Although with slightly different customers.? This visit to NAB confirmed the notion that micro stock, a phenomenon that has taken control of the photo industry, will ultimately rise to the challenge and take on the high end licensors with it’s crowd sourced ingestion cycle and simple pricing model and end user licensing.? Time will tell…this industry will certainly be fun to watch over the next 5 to 10.

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