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Welcome to AudioMicro and thank you for joining our community. You have made a great decision to become part of a revolutionary group of audio enthusiasts who desire to monetize their personal collections of stock audio clips, sound bites, sound effects, and music loops. At www.audiomicro.com you can buy stock audio, sell stock audio, buy sound bites, sell sound bites, buy audio clips, sell audio clips, buy sound effects, sell sound effect, buy music loops, and sell music loops. All content on www.audiomicro.com sells for as little as $1 per clip and all content comes with the proper rights and clearences to ensure that you can reuse the content in any legal commercial manner under the sun, free of additional royalty obligations.

AudioMicro was designed with one goal in mind: for artist to get paid for their work.? We are strong supported of the open source movement, yet we believe that content creators should be compensated for their works and not just give their hard earned work away for others to use and ultimately profit from.? We believe that if you create and license content, you should be compensated for that content with a royalty and all royalties and licenses should be transparent and reported to the artist, preferably in a monthly manner. ? That’s the goal here are AudioMicro – for you to receive a monthly royalty payment for the stock audio, stock sound bites, and stock music that you contribute and license to other members of the AudioMicro community.? We hope you enjoy the community we are creating here at AudioMicro and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.? We are here to help.

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AudioMicro is a revolutionary collection of user-generated micro stock music, sound effects, production music, production elements and music cues. Finally, high quality audio content is available at unbelievable prices with no hidden costs or fees. AudioMicro is an artist friendly community, paying the highest royalty rate in the micro stock music industry! In addition, customers can purchase AudioMicro content at the most competitive rates available! Sign up and start contributing and licensing content today!

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