Free Weather Sounds Can Enhance Your Project


A number of musical CDs on the market utilize the sounds of nature to help relax people.  These sounds, coupled with gentle instruments like pianos, harps, and flutes are used to ease the mind, support meditation, aid in sleep, or simply to provide pleasant background sound in a room.  But while studios may have people playing instruments live, it isn’t likely they obtain their babbling brook sounds from the woods ten miles away.


Instead, they can get in touch with a company like AudioMicro and purchase a great deal of sounds.  While companies creating these CDs are more likely to purchase a number of various sound effects from ocean waves to the gentle pattering of raindrops, the average person compiling their own musical CD won’t need as many sound effects.


Because of this, free weather and other sound effects are available to you, royalty free.  In fact, you might even be surprised at the amount of free weather, nature, and other effects that you can download straight from the AudioMicro website.  Do you need the gentle sound of rolling thunder?  A running stream?  Perhaps some chirping crickets?  Whatever sound you need, you will be able to find it.


Once you have the sound effects you want, you can overlay music on it, thus creating your own ambiance CDs for whatever purpose you hope to achieve.  Using free weather or nature sound effects to make unique musical pieces can lead to your own style and sale of music.


Of course, you might not want these sounds and music compositions just for relaxation.  There are plenty of other uses as well, such as for videogames or even for ambiance in relation to holidays or themed parties.  There are many possibilities open to you, and plenty of free sound effects to go with them.