Finding Free Video Backgrounds: A Quick Primer


One of the many things you can do with the sounds and music you download from AudioMicro is to prepare videos that showcase that music and sound effects.  People have created videos for a number of reasons.  PowerPoint presentations look more impressive, showing off a product in a notable way, or even using some of your own musical creations and setting them to free video backgrounds to help enhance the melodies with visual stimulants.


The ideas are far reaching when you know where to look.  You can obtain free video backgrounds from a number of online sites.  These backgrounds come in a wide range of styles and themes.  If you have holiday music and want to create a fun holiday video, you are certain to find some free video backgrounds to your liking.  If you want a background that has a more techno aspect, you will find something more electronic and interesting.  The quality of the videos you find will depend upon who is offering them and why.  Some sites are able to offer free video backgrounds because of the number of advertisements placed on their pages.  However, this may be slightly irritating if the site uses pop-ups and has more advertisements than backgrounds.


Higher quality backgrounds often need to be paid for.  However, if you want the background to look more realistic, say clouds overhead or choppy ocean waves, then the amount can sometimes be worth it.  Cheaper or free background sites can sometimes look cartoonier or simply less professional.


Many backgrounds also give you the option of looping the video.  If you do want the video looped, you should pay attention to the background you have chosen, as some will not work well when looped and the result is awkward and substandard.  But with a good eye and a solid set of skills, you should have a quality video in no time.