Free MIDI Files May Change the Way You Work


In the 1980s, the midi was gaining speed.  Now, in era of the year 2000, the midi is no longer a popular choice for listening to music or sound effects on one’s computer.  Though their time on computers has waned, that does not mean they are completely out.


In fact, people still know how to utilize free midi files in order to put them on cell phones or create synthesized music.  Cell phone rings, or polyphonic ring tones, are still rather prevalent in the world today.  People with the right programs and the know-how can take a good wav file and transform it into a midi file format.  They can then transfer that file over to their phone.


Many film and television scores are still created using midi instruments.  Thanks to improvements in technology, digital sampling, and synthesis tools, these digital instrumentations sound more realistic than they ever have before.  While many composers for big block-buster movies still use full orchestras, many more still utilize the abilities that midi devices can offer, especially when it comes to difficult or unique sound effects that regular instruments simply cannot produce.


Free midi files are available all over the internet.  Composers can often take their own midi files and sculpt them into sounds or songs that are more in-depth and range in scope than just a typical midi.  These new songs or sounds can be transformed into other file formats to allow more people to play and enjoy them.


AudioMicro doesn’t offer free midi files, but they do offer mp3, aiff, and wav formats for royalty free music.  Composers building a repertoire of sounds or music may often start using midi forms before switching them over to one of the other three file types.  The creation of midi files is still very much alive, and is likely to be in use for a long time to come.