Description: a melancholy, instrumental song, performed with synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar plucking.

Description: a nostalgic, instrumental song, performed with synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar, with delays, some short phrases in english and spanish. suitable for action, thriller, sports, flashnews.

Description: instrumental; synthesizers; overdrive sustained guitar; synthetic orchestrals like french horns and strings; sequences with delays.

Description: instrumental quiet song suitable for sci-fi films; synthezisers, clean guitar riffs and short overdriven.

Description: an instrumental song, sequenced with synthezisers, suited for spy, sci-fi, detective novel or movie.

Description: an instrumental song, performed with synthesizers, with delays. suitable for thriller.

Description: a dizzy song, instrumental, sequenced, suited for pursuits videos.

Description: happy techno reggae instrumental song made with synthezisers: synth piano, some congas.

Description: serving water in a glass, liquid trickle.

Description: small dog's short growl, single sound.

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