Description: General ambience from Piccadilly Circus, London with people, crowds and traffic

Description: Quiet beach (Shell Island, North Wales) ambience on a hot but windy Summer's day

Description: General ambience from Oxford Steer, London, with people, traffic etc

Description: Recording of the River Thames, London, England on the side of the river, looking towards Greenwich from Island Green, with boat passing, birds etc

Description: Ambience of a Greek town square (Rhodes Town) with restaurants / tavernas, early evening with crowds sounds

Description: General ambience of an English city main street (Chester)

Description: Walking down Euston Road, London on a weekday morning (From Euston station to St Pancras) with traffic and people and footstep sounds

Description: Ambience at the shore of the Alpsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany. Near Neuschwanstein and Hoenshwangau Castles

Description: General ambience from Oxford Street, London, England. With people, voices, traffic, busses, sirens etc

Description: Ambience of walking along Blackpool Beach, England, from the South Pier end towards Central Pier. With sea noise, gulls, traffic, voices etc

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