Description: Solo piano, very major, simple and expanding into larger and larger harmonies and chords, developing over 6 minutes.

Description: Orchestral chase music in 7/8 high tension and suspense. Tension continues to build with diminished scale creating painful tension until resolves at end.

Description: Alto flute and piano in a very sad and slow melody evoke tenderness and a broken heart or tragic event. The past seems to float by.

Description: Full orchestral heroic with a taste of hubris, bits of Asia and Middle East thrown in with horns and strings.

Description: voice and muted strings in a slow and poignant, sad and nostalgic interlude

Description: Percussion and bass set up a fast driving dark apocalyptic soundscape with ambient synth.

Description: Deep. airy drone with bass synth coming in and out. A high piano melody also appears and disappears.

Description: A light, perky waltz. Uses harp, pizzicato strings, flute, horns. Great for segue into a happy place. Very strong waltz flavor.

Description: Vast junkyard of space ships floating, bumping into each other.

Description: Electro trance with clear melody, loops, percussion. A penetrating and disturbing ambience.

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