Description: Powerful, epic percussion drives the action in this cinematic song, both modern and ancestral.

Description: get loved is a modern funky groove with a Daft Punk and Get Lucky style, “Random Access Memories” vibe. A trendy, funky disco track in a contemporary style, great for movies, dance scenes, fashion shows, background music, radio and movies.

Description: This track is intense and powerful. It is based on a deep bass, arpeggios, synths and a lot of distorted sounds. It is great for action scenes, games and videos!

Description: A happy and funny country song!

Description: Juon is a modern mixture of trendy electronica, pop and hip hop music. Suitable for adverts, urban and fashion videos. Influenced by artists like Odesza, Rone and Flume.

Description: Indie punk rock! This uptempo tune reminds me of being in High School and not caring about a thing. Slammin drums and bass catapult this track through the changes and make for a fun tune with lots of energy.

Description: Electro is a energetic and electronic background music track, ideal for many kinds of media, included technology ones

Description: Here is a very famous christmas song! Great to fee this great atmosphere!

Description: A magic, bright and fantastic track, featuring celesta, orchestra, glockenspiel, harp, percussions. Great for cartoons, video-games, christmas projects and fairy tale stories!

Description: An inspiring and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and positive mood. Based on a cool and memorable guitar gimmick, this song has a strong corporate touch. Great for any project such as youtube video presentations, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, explainers or any uplifting and inspirational project!

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