Description: Minimal electronic dirge with Asian-inspired koto sounds, drunken melodies, and gritty synth chords.

Description: Space age trance-industrial music for interplanetary soundtracks of alien encounters and time travel.

Description: Dark and mechanized electro with squelchy acid synths and driving pads.

Description: A brief rhythmic electronic dirge of gritty beats, swirling synths, and overwhelming pads that crescendo and then release, ending with a few short blasts of a heavy squelching synth bass.

Description: Starting off with a slow and brooding dirge through dark cavernous realms, this track evolves into a glitchy electro piece with an evil attitude. Angst-ridden male vocals compliment the mix with a theme that centers on mysterious circumstances that occur by accident.

Description: Dark and suspenseful dystopian soundtrack for futuristic evils and science fiction gone bad.

Description: Hard-hitting old school industrial dance track, complete with harsh EBM rhythms and distorted vocals.

Description: Gritty and hard-hitting electro romp that pokes fun at social media with its collection of false friends and superficial identities.

Description: Frenetic and robotic electronica with overdriven leads and breakbeat influences.

Description: Suspenseful electronic track with fluttering synths, creeping pads, alarm-type noises and forceful air blasts that converge into a contemporary melange of electronic mystery and mayhem.

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