Description: An eerie haunting composition of rhythmic cavernous creatures, muted organs and frightening noises, leading to an explosive synth-driven dirge. Perfect for Halloween and other dark horror themes.

Description: Dark and brooding digital depression.

Description: Dark and ominous electronic piece with glitchy percussion, bizarre textures, and creepy synth sounds. Themes include innocence lost, childhood naivety, feeling out of control, being lied to, and just outright frightened and confused.

Description: Aggressive techno-industrial track careening through space and time with some tense and explosive highlights.

Description: stomping old school electronic track with edgy industrial overtones and an explosive breakdown in the middle

Description: airy horror chords of insomnia interlaced with electronic rhythms and an unexpected uplifting choral melody

Description: Funky electronic jam with tribal percussive elements and moody synthetic flutes

Description: Dark and somber electronic track written as a tribute to the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquakes. Gritty and minimal, but full of subtle emotion.

Description: Moody electronic piece that starts with a pensive subdued melodic intro before delving into more traditional eighties electronic pop sounds.

Description: Forboding aural exploration into a dark cavernous underground

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