Description: Music for the big Hollywood movie. Lot of orchestral movements and build ups. War is here, thundering intense brass with nice build ups. In Jerry Goldsmith tradition. With a intensive tone and marching war drums and basses. Think Stargate. For the war, big bold epic. marching, powerful, science fiction, heroic, military, sci fi, combat, Jerry Goldsmith, warcraft, patriotic, energetic, heavy, dramatic, action, war, adventure, warfare, battle, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Warzone, Forceful, Triumphant, Heroic, Dramatic, Dangerous, Explosive, Driving, Majestic, Booming, Aggressive, Building, soundtrack, trailer, pounding, big, intense, epic, cinematic, starwars, tension, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, tense, slow tempo

Description: A great dramatic track for danger in a film. Orchestral piece full with dynamics and build ups. Jerry Goldsmith inspired. Dramatic, Epic, Driving, Strong, Dark, Powerful, Dynamic, Mysterious, Cinematic, Pompous, stargate, atlantis, star trek, ST, TOS, James Horner, Forceful, Suggestive, Dangerous, Tension, Vengeful, Suspenseful, Triumphant, Majestic, Thrilling, Aggressive, Startrek, Twilight Zone, alien, space documentary, background, Science, technology, discovery, mechanical, high tech, futuristic, military, science, mars, jupiter, venus, earth, sky, war, battle, video games, documentary, ambience, slow tempo

Description: Majestic Epic Fina is Cinematic Epic Background Music! Inspiring epic adventure music with cinematic heroic action feeling. Cinematic Epic Fantasy Adventure is made for use as: cinematic inspirational background music, big epic advertising, presentation, commercial, Olympic sports video etc. contest, competition, tv, youtube, extreme, sports, olympic, adventurous, advertise, background, beautiful, big, cinematic, commercial, confident, corporate, dramatic, elegant, epic, film, glory, hans zimmer, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, intro, majestic, movie, olympic games, optimistic, orchestral, pompous, powerful, presentation, proud, slow, soundtrack, classical, strings, strong, successful, trailer, triumph, grand slam, victory, prize, video game, achievement, slow tempo

Description: Beautiful big sentimental blockbuster with wonderful epic majestic romantic dramatic feeling. Heroic graceful Hollywood music with strong lovely cinematic emotion . Grand orchestral underscore with alluring strings, piano and brass in slow tempo. ”Cinematic Epic Beauty” is made for use as: breathtaking epic intro, ready to cry, fascinating adventurous movie, cinematic background music, melodramatic video, impressive presentation, slideshow, video game, great marvelous trailer, pompous anime, sensational fantasy, sad epic drama adventure, etc. adventure, appealing, background, big, blockbuster, beautiful, cinematic, cry, drama, dramatic, elegant, emotional, moving, epic, fantasy, grand, heroic, hollywood, intro, magnificent, majestic, melodramatic, movie, orchestral, piano, romantic, sad, sentimental, slow, strings, strong, trailer, video, calm, dreamy, ethereal, positive, proud, peaceful, passionate, optimistic, hopeful, soft, reflective, regal, sensual

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