Description: Inspirational Uplifting Rock Optimistic uplifting pop music in medium fast tempo that starts with uplifting inspiring guitar and a energetic rhythmic hi hat. The groovy snare drum comes in to build up the positive teen age feeling of this track. The uplifting catchy guitars and the strings support to achieve to be successful with a confident mood. “Inspirational Uplifting Rock” suites uplifting positive projects like a successful journey, motivational successful,achievement, catchy, confident, feeling good, driving, energetic, groovy, guitars, fast,happy, inspiring, motivational, optimistic, inspirational, pop, powerful, presentation, progress, retro, rhythmic, positive,rock, strings, success, uplifting, teen age,video, winning,motivating, bright, proud, hopeful, playful, fast tempo

Description: Extreme Sport Rock in Action. Inspiring indie pop rock music that starts with catchy edgy guitars. The snare drum pounds to achieve the strong emotional feeling. Fast heavy rock music with fast speed, energy and adrenaline. "Extreme Sport Rock in Action" is made for extreme sports like intense speedway, exited race, racing, wind gliding, wind surfing, running, snowboard, skateboard, cool blog vlog, extreme motor sport or other action video projects where you want a touch of inspiring indie rock with driving guitars, groovy drums and powerful pumping bass. Powerful catchy uplifting rock music in fast tempo. action, adrenaline, adventure, blog, business, confident,background, cool, driving, drums, edgy, electric guitars, energetic, excited, extreme,energy, extreme sports, fast, heavy, indie rock, inspiring, intense, race, metal, motion, motor, powerful, promo,racing, rock, running, skateboard, snowboard, speed, speedway, sports, uplifting, sport, video, vlog, wind gliding, wind surfing, inspirational, fast tempo

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