Description: a creaky wooden gate slowly swings open, and then swings closed.

Description: sound of a rock or stone falling in a pile of rubble.

Description: at the palace of the emperor is an epic orchestral theme that pays tribute to the great legend of zelda scores.

Description: A 2005 Chevy Impala slams on its breaks

Description: a heavy metal door slams loudly two times. sound reverberates down a long concrete passage.

Description: in the vein of david holmes' ocean's eleven score, archie's revenge is a fast-paced heist thriller featuring trumpet, vibes, and acoustic bass.

Description: a nail gun and compressor are used at a construction site.

Description: a chevy impala squeals out and pulls away quickly.

Description: brief sound of wood spinning. suitable for clicks and rollovers.

Description: wood colliding with another piece of wood.

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