Description: It's Halloween and all of the witches, ghosts and goblins have come out to play. A little friendly mischief. Prominent plucked strings, horns and glockenspiel.

Description: sexy, cinematic chillout track featuring a 90's gangsta bassline and 60's orchestration and arrangement.

Description: 80's style synths mixed with hardcore modern drum sounds and rhythm.

Description: chillout track featuring electronic flute and ambient sounds.

Description: chillout track featuring a smooth bassline and acoustic guitar.

Description: hip-hop influenced chillout track with an espionage theme. tight drums and subtle orchestral elements.

Description: chilled track with a little sense of urgency via the pulsating synth rhythm. features a sax.

Description: chillout track with an international airport ambience and prominent synth and rhodes. feeling of travel.

Description: Traditional Japanese music for a Geisha performance. Flute, koto, various other plucked strings, bells and plenty of percussion.

Description: hip-hop influenced chillout track with eastern world elements and percussion.

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