Description: A nice light track designed for a departure scene or something in the effect of saying goodbyee. Utilizes a lot of piano, some strings, bass and a hip hop kit

Description: A very complex piece starting off with a piano and mixed synthesizers then morphing in to a huge, moving Orchestral score...It will be right at home on any Silver Screen movie

Description: A nice crunchy theme utilizing electric guitar and a distorted Hammond B3... It would sound great for any sporting event...

Description: A slow and enchanting sounding piece suitable for any Film Trailer pertaining to mythical creatures.

Description: A random collage of sound....Based on piano

Description: A good Old Rock and Roll Ballad...Featuring lots of 80's metal guitar and a big hairdo

Description: A dark and scary score suitable for any setting filled with darkness and demonic activity...Spread the holy water..Darkness is waiting...

Description: A piano player looking out the window while playing and going by the elements as inspiration

Description: An instrumental for all occasions...Corporate, Discovery Channel. Whatever the mood prefers...Electric guitar driven and backed by a nice array of orchestration

Description: A jazz / hip-hop like track perfect for any general use..

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