Description: A very relaxing and renewing piece of music...My rendition of the calm and crispness after a rain fall...

Description: A suspenseful Orchestral / electronic cue envisioning being lost and alone in the dark woods...Creepy

Description: as the name implies, this is a piece I composed for a Flugel Horn lead... Nice for any fusion Jazz oriented setting...

Description: This track can be used for just about anything...I had an open mind when creating can probably find its home for a 30 second commercial..

Description: Another multi purpose piece that can be used with anything...Especially for a mood that sets concern, wondering, and waiting

Description: This track is themed towards a real estate marketing type of agency..

Description: A very complex piece starting off with a piano and mixed synthesizers then morphing in to a huge, moving Orchestral score...It will be right at home on any Silver Screen movie

Description: A funky Clav driven funk with a lot of brass, a lot of sax, a vintage strat used with a Dunlop Cry Baby Classic...Sure to please

Description: This track was inspired by my Native American heritage.. Great for any movie production...Complete with Native American chanting at the end

Description: A good Old Rock and Roll Ballad...Featuring lots of 80's metal guitar and a big hairdo

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