Description: A jazz / hip-hop like track perfect for any general use..

Description: A rather dark sounding cue with piano, female choir, violin and Cello sections.. Great for any dark drama..Also includes electric guitar rhythm

Description: A bright and analog sounding track featuring the Oberheim Matrix 12 Pad with a lot of bass...Perfect for any hip hop club slow Jam

Description: A very soft piano and pad piece...perfect for any setting from a love scene to any other calm emotion

Description: A nice jazz piece perfectly suited for a scene for background music at a high class Margarita bar. a piece for Jazz guitar and Tenor sax...Very easy on the ears..

Description: A perfect theme for a Good Morning America type show...

Description: This track is themed towards a real estate marketing type of agency..

Description: Another multi purpose piece that can be used with anything...Especially for a mood that sets concern, wondering, and waiting

Description: This track can be used for just about anything...I had an open mind when creating can probably find its home for a 30 second commercial..

Description: a sort of 70's funk thing. Lot of brass and punchy hits.

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