Description: A nice, happy laid back romp through the memories of your childhood. A cool groovy beat and steady horns will keep your feet tapping all night.

Description: An high energy in your face guitar jam. Perfect for very intense and motivational scenes. Features a huge guitar, bass and drums.

Description: This track is a journey that builds over time and moves to a fast in your face synth line. Perfect for fast paced intense scenes or even a video game. It features multiple synthesizers and drum machines.

Description: This song is an electronic journey through multiple sonic textures of both a rhythmic and orchestral sounds. Perfect for film or more upbeat scenes.

Description: An epic journey through electronic landscapes. With both orchestral and electronic elements as well as a hip hop beak. Perfect for suspense on intense scenes.

Description: Nice groovy jam with smooth guitars, bass and organ sounds. A bit of funk, and bit of mystery.

Description: An inspiring upbeat song for a corporate presentation. With subtle orchestral elements you can be sure this song will inspire.

Description: Classic piano and guitar rock with a nice dirty bass line. Great for high energy scenes.

Description: This hard driving electronic track is perfect for that intense moment. Filled with electronic drums and synths. Need some music to drive the scene forward? This is it!

Description: This is a peaceful inspirational track perfect for a logo bumper or a short scene to inspire. Its a beautiful piano and strings melody. Relax and get centered!

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