Description: An old skool style funk piece with low dirty bass and surfing guitars. Great for documentaries, flash videos, websites, e.t.c.

Description: Bright, happy and atmospheric track that has a warm positive mood

Description: Upbeat, instrumental backing music.Has a light, positive feel with a mid tempo rhythm..

Description: A happy uplifting tune.Perfect background music for those unforgettable summer beach relax moments..

Description: A positive groove opens in to a very optimistic light pop track with cheerfull upbeat vibe. Family , friends and good times

Description: A happy uplifting tune.Useful for successful corporate visuals.

Description: happy sounding (pop/rock) composition... very calm and positive.

Description: Very confident and uplifting modern pop/rock instrumental with an energetic, upbeat feel

Description: Happy and upbeat theme with cheerful and positive vibe.Good as background music to advertise everything

Description: Perfect background music for a commercial tv ad.Good as ackground music to advertise everything

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