Description: Dramatic, confident, bold, this orchestral piece is suitable accompaniment for films, ads, or cinematic portions of video games featuring old world battles or conquest. Could be especially effective when used in an ironic or comedic context.

Description: Aggressive electronic rhythm track influenced by The Crystal Method.

Description: This starts as a quiet, contemplative, uplifting piece, with arpeggiating harp and cello, and building to a powerful pitch as synth pads and bass pads join to increase the suspense and wonder to a startling breaking point, then a serene ending, like waking from a vivid dream. Excellent for dream sequences, science fiction, and science documentary.

Description: A Danny Elfman inspired 3/4 time orchestral piece, featuring bells and hammered dulcimer, hinting at mystery and mischief.

Description: An ironically calm but melodically maligned 3/4 string section waltz is actually a prelude to a cacophany of shrieking violins and sad melodies, lost in a rhythmic clanging noise resembling mechanical torture equipment, or a gigantic siege engine. Very good piece for horror scenes or scary video games.

Description: Cool, mid-tempo melodic vibraphone feature with acoustic bass and electronic drums.

Description: Abbreviated, melancholy piano and strings track intended for scenes depicting human drama.

Description: A slow, somber, quiet, and frankly quite depressing piece for film or television.

Description: Piano, synth pad & bells. A quiet, , dreamy, positive, and introspective track.

Description: Slow, somber, depressing piano piece for film or tv, same as Piano & String Lament sans strings.

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