Description: A dark, slow-tempo, Danny Elfman influenced orchestral track, suitable for horror, or dark drama.

Description: Bouncing delay patterns and arpeggios turn very simple and minimal quiet synth lines into a complex sonic tapestry. Well suited for science fiction and science documentary.

Description: A dramatic orchestral piece with ethnic (Arabian/Middle Eastern) elements including percussion instruments of the region, and featuring a hammered dulcimer.

Description: This starts as a quiet, contemplative, uplifting piece, with arpeggiating harp and cello, and building to a powerful pitch as synth pads and bass pads join to increase the suspense and wonder to a startling breaking point, then a serene ending, like waking from a vivid dream. Excellent for dream sequences, science fiction, and science documentary.

Description: A Danny Elfman inspired 3/4 time orchestral piece, featuring bells and hammered dulcimer, hinting at mystery and mischief.

Description: Cool, mid-tempo melodic vibraphone feature with acoustic bass and electronic drums.

Description: Laid back, dreamy, spacious electronic track with a complex chord progression and a sparse, jungle-influenced drum pattern in an even dynamic range.

Description: A loud, driving, electronic dance-pop inspired big beat track with an aggressive sawtooth bass line, featuring a traditional break down and build up to a dramatic apex and finale.

Description: A futuristic, aggressive, big beat electronic piece with rapid staccato chord strikes as rhythmic elements, starting in a serious mood, then brightening towards the end with the same uplifting chord progression found in its sister track, Frangelica. A good candidate for video game scoring.

Description: An energetic yet sensual electronic piece with lush chordings and a complex and infectious rhythm pattern, suitable for dream sequences, video games, animation, and other fantastic scenarios. Could be considered a continuation of another track called Action Frank, by the same author, as the two have a common key and chord progression.

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