Description: A fun, light-hearted orchestral piece, in mid-tempo 3/4 time, featuring lots of pizzicato strings, lush chord structures, and orchestral bells.

Description: Orchestral track, fast-paced, denoting light-hearted suspense, and possibly mischief. Good scoring for a chase, or a rushed effort against a close deadline.

Description: An electronic piece, suitable for action, chase scenes (particularly car chases), new car ads, or shoot-outs.

Description: An ironically calm but melodically maligned 3/4 string section waltz is actually a prelude to a cacophany of shrieking violins and sad melodies, lost in a rhythmic clanging noise resembling mechanical torture equipment, or a gigantic siege engine. Very good piece for horror scenes or scary video games.

Description: Abbreviated, melancholy piano and strings track intended for scenes depicting human drama.

Description: Piano, synth pad & bells. A quiet, , dreamy, positive, and introspective track.

Description: A slow, somber, quiet, and frankly quite depressing piece for film or television.

Description: Slow, somber, depressing piano piece for film or tv, same as Piano & String Lament sans strings.

Description: A quick, playful, light-hearted piano piece.

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