Description: Suspense theme, Hitchcock styled, featuring cellos, trombones, cymbal, violins, timpani, violas, string basses, low piano, clarinets, and pizzicato strings

Description: Produced with a war movie in mind, this theme features timpani, snare drum, french horns, flutes, and piano

Description: Composed as part of a project using the scoreless movie "The Birds," this suspense theme features cellos, french horns, pizzicato strings, violins, violas, piano, timpani, harp, string basses, and trombones

Description: Suspenseful, Hitchcock style theme, featuring flutes, french horns, pizzicato strings, timpani, cellos, violins, and harp

Description: Trailer music with multiple strikes, driving percussion with increasing tempo, and occasional empty space. Features bansuri flute, strings, synthesizers, male shouts, and orchestral & ethnic percussive instruments.

Description: Big horn accents, a driving electric guitar, moody piano moments, an expressive string bass solo, and modern percussion. Damn I'm good.

Description: Sparsely composed orchestral thriller theme featuring violins, gong, flutes, french horns, percussion, harp, cellos, string basses, solo oboe, and timpani

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