Description: Dark, quirky theme featuring orchestra and pipe organ

Description: Adventure theme, featuring choir, cellos, violins, timpani, french horns, english horn, string basses, piano, violas, trombones, and snare drum

Description: Tense western theme, featuring cellos, violins, french horns, oboes, timpani, violas, and choir

Description: War theme featuring timpani, snare, french horns, flutes, cellos, tuba, and violins

Description: Dramatic orchestral theme featuring solo trumpet, brass, percussion, strings, choir, and woodwinds

Description: Written with the classic westerns of the 50s in mind, this theme features strong brass, supporting strings, and genre percussion

Description: Dramatic western theme, featuring timpani, strings, french horns, and snare drum

Description: Adventure theme featuring Bass Drum, Pizzicato Bass, French Horns, Cellos, Violins, Snare Drum, Trombones, and Oboes

Description: Heroic theme featuring trumpets, plucked strings, bass drum, clarinets, cellos, string basses, french horns, violins, german cymbal, snare, tuba, and choir

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