Description: A perfect logo for a news opening. Use this for a tv spot or commercial breaking news spot.

Description: Serious and stern sounding news logo for tv spots.

Description: Short news opening for a tv spot. This piece gives the perfect mood for a news opening.

Description: Exciting news opening logo backed with tight horns sections. This is perfect for television spots

Description: A magical sounding logo that is suitable for an opening of a show on TV!

Description: Serious sounding logo for tv spots of news. This short music piece sounds serious which is good for portraying strength and heroic actions.

Description: Entirely made with strings logo, suitable for opening of shows or news on TV.

Description: A cheeky sounding logo of music opening for a show or cartoon animation.

Description: An old school new opening for news telecast on TV

Description: Light and easy sounding logo that catches listener's ears and attention. Use this for TV spots and entertainment.

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