Description: This charming uplifting track combines motivational and corporate style with a beautiful melody. Positive and inspiring it is lifting your mood. Good for various media projects

Description: Upbeat happy music track with carefree mood. The piece is created with drums, bass, ukulele, piano, guitars, whistling, celesta and chimes. So refreshing fun tune like a ray of sun on a gloomy day. The cheerful music track will sound wonderful in a children project or animation, podcast, diy video or vlog, as well as commercial or movie. The track immediately takes the listener on a positive journey. Enjoy!

Description: Great motivational piece for various project. Definitely inspires and gives hope. The beautiful corporate piece features many instruments like drums, piano, guitars, bass, strings, claps and synths. Happy optimistic music can be used in a promo video, commercial, some motivational film, podcast or vlog. Enjoy!

Description: Cheerful piano theme in style of silent film. It takes you to the era when silent film accompanists (tapeur) were performing in cinemas during the movies. The track sounds almost like in old times. It is lively and playful and can serve many needs. You can use the piece in black and white movies, silent films, restro style slideshows, comedy videos, commercials. The track consicts of two parts: 1) Studio version (0:00-0:42); 2) Authentic style version (0:43-1:25)

Description: Energetic pop piece. A bit crazy pop music track for commercial, rave party, vlog. The tune features drums, synths and vox. Wonderful modern track for festival, creative video or game and more.

Description: Groovy funk music track with retrofuturism vibe. Positive stylish composition created with drums, bass, guitars, e.piano, synths and percussion. The catchy track is perfect for a commercial, movie scene, tv or radio show, animation, slideshow of retrofuturism art works, speed up drawing videos and more.

Description: Positive folk music track with country vibe. Happy piece will perfectly suit thanksgiving celebration project. The bright cheerful tune is created with drums, bass, guitars, banjo and violin. It will sound great in a commercial, tv or radio show, vlog, podcast. The warm optimistic track will create autumn mood in a project related to fall festival or country festival.

Description: The positive energetic rock piece about a long ride, time spent with friends, youth and warm fall days and road covered with colorful leaves. The track is created with drums, bass, guitars and slide guitar. Happy and inspiring, it will sound great in a commercial, podcast, vlog, vacation video, movie scene and more.

Description: Positive logo track that reminds you exploding popcorn sound. Modern and fun piece will suit tv or radio show opener, logo reveal, vlog intro, social media promo. The track features drums, synths and percussion.

Description: The track that combines funk rhythm with jazz chords. Cheerful atmospheric piece created with drums, bass, piano, e.piano, trumpets, trombones, a.sax, t.sax and synths. Playful piece with optimistic mood is great for commercials, tv or radio shows, podcasts, entertainment projects and more.

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