Description: Great motivational piece for various project. Definitely inspires and gives hope. The beautiful corporate piece features many instruments like drums, piano, guitars, bass, strings, claps and synths. Happy optimistic music can be used in a promo video, commercial, some motivational film, podcast or vlog. Enjoy!

Description: This charming uplifting track combines motivational and corporate style with a beautiful melody. Positive and inspiring it is lifting your mood. Good for various media projects

Description: Upbeat happy music track with carefree mood. The piece is created with drums, bass, ukulele, piano, guitars, whistling, celesta and chimes. So refreshing fun tune like a ray of sun on a gloomy day. The cheerful music track will sound wonderful in a children project or animation, podcast, diy video or vlog, as well as commercial or movie. The track immediately takes the listener on a positive journey. Enjoy!

Description: Easy listening mid tempto electronic track with dreamy texture. This is a great background for receptions and waiting halls of modern companies.

Description: Motivational and very positive composition created to inspire. Optimistic music track that will sound great in a commercial, podcast, sports video or video about vacation. The bright and happy tune features drums, bass, guitars and synths.

Description: Fun music track for children projects: applications, video games, cartoons, tv or radio programs. The playful music track creates positive atmosphere, it is childlike and enthusiastic. This bouncy happy piece is created with drums, piano, bass and synths.

Description: Inspiring ambient piece with beautiful melody. Great background for commercial videos and presentations, films about nature and traveling. The tune is created with piano, drums, synths and claps.

Description: Happy carefree vibe for indoor and outdoor activities. Music track that creates good mood and is perfect for the birthday celebration, games, and some production like commercial or vlog. The piece features guitars, bass, drums and whistling.

Description: Hip-hop music track with defined rhythm. Uplifting piece that can be a great background for a tv a radio show, commercial, project, connected with fashion and something cool. To make it perfect we used a lot of instruments like drums, synths, bass, guitars, e.piano, trumpet, vocals/harmonies, vocal samples and scratch. Enjoy!

Description: Jazz music track with positive melody. The track is created with traditional drums, bass and piano. The piece should be perfect for your project, background or main theme.Can also me used in movies, mobile apps, commercials.

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