Description: Steady slow pacing, nice acoustic guitar solo piece.

Description: Creates movement quickly, Phillip Glass like but on electric guitars. Short and to the point.

Description: Gorgeous acoustic guitar piece, very sentimental, paints a great backdrop.

Description: Floating yet a steady beat and movement forward. Clean electric guitars, drums. Night scene music.

Description: Upbeat acoustic guitar, spritely played, in a happy mood.

Description: Heavily altered lo-fi beat. Repetitive but building. Good for tense moments. Flexible for film or commercials.

Description: Dream like environment with acoustic guitars and bells, moderate steady rhythm. Builds to a mild climax. Beautiful guitars and and recording!

Description: 90's era metal, style of Sound Garden, Hum, Last Crack. Anthemic, uplifting and engaging! Excellent guitar work.

Description: 90's hard rock guitars in your face! In style of Stone Temple Pilots.

Description: Beautiful solo acoustic guitar, steady but gentle rhythm, wistful recollection on there season of Autumn.

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