Description: Fast, energetic track, perfect for sport or action videos.

Description: Energetic techno track. A bit dark and suspensful, it would fit perfectly in a documentary during a tense moment.

Description: This is a massive explosion sound effect, or volcano eruption. You can hear the rumble, the explosion of gas and rock, the massive column of smoke blowing out of the crater, the rocks and lava sliding on the flanks.

Description: Several thunder strikes that you can choose from and place wherever needed in your film, documentary or video game. If you are looking for other weather effects, I recommend having a look at this collection:

Description: This is a realistic sand desert soundscape. The strong wind blowing into the sand, a camel or a hawk in the background, a bug crawling swiftly at your feet: the listener almost feels like spitting out the sand that's blowing into one's mouth listening to this desert soundscape.

Description: Big orchestral track. Adventourous and intense, perfect for action scenes, with a touch of gladiator atmosphere. Perfect for a commercial illustrating something strong and powerful.

Description: Very tense and big modern orchestral track. Perfect for war, action or adventure scenes. This track is very straight forward and aggressive. Perfect to illustrate danger. It could be a volcano, an army approaching, an asteroid threatening Earth etc.

Description: Very calm and soothing easy listening track. Perfect for corporate film in the background of a voice over. Also perfect for nice relaxing scenaries and atmospheres.

Description: Modern instrumental hip hop/ triphop, perfect for commercials.

Description: Energetic electro funk rock track. Perfect for sports commercial or documentary. There are several atmospheres within the track.

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