Description: Air Traffic Controller, female, ...cleared for take off., sound processed, PA, announcements, Airport, human voice speaking.

Description: Cheer, 1 child, 7 yrs, Yay! Yay!, jumping up and down, human voice, kid, speak, talk.

Description: Grunt, groan, lifting, strain, female, labour pains, pregnant, human voice.

Description: Scream, Group, 3-5 children, distant, several, kids, males, females, girls, boys, human voice.

Description: School yard, Playground, outdoor, 10+ children, recess, bell rings, kids playing, laughing, screaming, yelling. Lots of chatter and talking, some individual words, stereo.

Description: Male laugh, long, belly, no at end, human voice.

Description: Scream, 1 child, shriek, high-pitched, several, classic horror, human voice, kid.

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