Description: Sex, male, heavy breathing, moaning oh, yeah, human voice.

Description: Laugh, Group, 3 girls, giggling, kids, males, females, girls, boys, human voice.

Description: Reaction, positive, male, Wow!, human voice speaking.

Description: Park, outdoor, 2 children playing and chasing each other, other children in distance, kids talking, laughing, giggling, yelling, screaming, running, some individual words, human voice.

Description: Male, Break it down like this, urban, hip-hop vocal, DJ, vocal sample, human voice.

Description: Pilot, male, passenger welcome speech, PA, announcements, Airport, human voice speaking.

Description: Cheer, 1 child, Whoo Hoo!, human voice, kid, speak, talk.

Description: Laughing, small group of children. short, at a distance, 3-5 children, , human voice.

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