Description: Flowing, ambient soundscape with atmospheric synths, percussion and spacey sound effects. Suitable for sci fi scene.

Description: Mellow Pop ballad with solid groove, organ, strings and quirky synths. Flowing, passionate and flowing.

Description: Quirky and slightly mysterious Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Builds into groovy chorus section.

Description: Laid-back, quirky track with solid beat and catchy synths. Slight mysterious vibe.

Description: Spooky orchestral piece with additional synths. Gradually builds throughout into a dramatic finale.

Description: Cool, upbeat track with funky guitar, solid beat and catchy synths. Happy Go Lucky feel.

Description: Gripping and dramatic orchestral piece with dynamic orchestral arrangements. Truimphant and powerful.

Description: Comical and fun Blues track with quirky orchestration. Great for comedy scene. Not to be taken seriously!

Description: High-energy orchestral track with pulsating military snare and gripping string/horn arrangements.

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