Description: Mellow modern Pop/R&B ballad with emotional atmosphere. Solid groove, piano and lush flowing strings.

Description: Romantic, emotional piece with piano, oboe and strings, building into full orchestrated section.

Description: Romantic, emotional Pop ballad with flowing beat, piano, strings and guitar. Builds throughout.

Description: Emotional Pop ballad with oboe, lush strings, piano and drums/bass. Builds throughout into powerful chorus section. Passionate and romantic.

Description: Emotional and loving piano piece with flowing oboe accompanyment. Gentle and slightly pensive atmosphere.

Description: Emotional piano and strings piece with feeling of longing and sadness. Oboe takes the lead in 2nd verse.

Description: Peaceful piece with piano and soft strings. Very emotional and romantic feel, with a slight sense of sadness.

Description: Peaceful piano piece with sparse string accompanyment. Romantic and emotional feel.

Description: Romantic piano piece with gentle string accompanyment. Cello appears in verse 2. Slightly sad or melancholic feel throughout.

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