Description: A quirky film score piece with intricate arrangements.

Description: Popular wedding theme with church organ. Public domain.

Description: Cool electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Slightly mysterious feel. Suitable for mystery scene or corporate use.

Description: Mysterious, spacious synths, soft pipes and percussion create this ambient track. Suitable for sci fi or mystery scene.

Description: Classy, quirky arrangement of the popular track "The Entertainer". Fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Description: Upbeat Latin-Samba track with comical, light-hearted feel.

Description: Uplifting, elegant piece with happy-go-lucky orchestral arrangements. Grand, stately film score atmosphere.

Description: Spacious ambient piece with sweeping synth pads, light percussion and effects.

Description: Quirky little jazzy track with happy-go-lucky full band orchestration. Great for comedy, commercial, and old-time jazz lounge scenes.

Description: Interesting acoustic piece with guitar, sitar, violin, percussion and strings. Quirky, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

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