Description: Gripping orchestral piece with dramatic, tense arrangements. Great for suspense or horror scene.

Description: Mysterious, spacious synths, soft pipes and percussion create this ambient track. Suitable for sci fi or mystery scene.

Description: Terrifying dramatic orchestral piece - great for horror, suspense scenes.

Description: Very creepy orchestral piece with dark arrangements over pulsating percussion

Description: Scary track with gripping synths, eratic percussion, and spooky pads. Great for horror, sci fi or suspense scene.

Description: Gripping, horrifying track with franetic piano, percussion and synths. Spooky and tense.

Description: Sweeping synths and spooky sfx create this subtle soundscape. Suitable for background sounds in sci fi or spacey scene.

Description: Gripping, tense track with horror/suspense atmosphere. Starts slowly, building into chaotic climax.

Description: Spine chilling, suspenseful track, with spooky synths, pulsating percussion, choir and orchestra. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene. BEWARE!!!

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