Description: Beautiful, delicate piece with piano and lush strings. Emotional, loving atmosphere...

Description: Pure and emotional piano piece with delicate lush strings.

Description: Romantic piano and strings piece with delicate, loving atmosphere.

Description: Beautiful, delicate piano piece with piano and light strings. Emotional and thoughtful atmosphere...

Description: Emotional piano piece with accompanying lush strings. Loving, thoughful, and slightly sad.

Description: Classy, elegant orchestral piece with Hollywood film score sound.

Description: Soft and gentle piano piece with emotional loving atmosphere.

Description: Peaceful, delicate orchestral piece with reflective, melancholic atmosphere.

Description: New version of Beethoven's classic, with piano, dark underlying strings, solid drums and chimes. Powerful and emotional.

Description: Elegant, sophisticated orchestral piece with classic film score feel. Great for epic scene ending.

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