Description: Synthesizers play melancholic 64 second loop with bridge, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration.

Description: Simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern in 52 second loop, with percussion and double bass.

Description: Bass, electric guitar and drums accompany organ melody in 68 second loop reminiscent of 70s and 80s retro band “Ambrosia.”

Description: Vibes play jazzy 46 second loop inspired by Pink Panther comedic spy scenes, accompanied by piano, upright bass, and drums.

Description: Pizzicato strings, piano, guitar and percussion play sparsely syncopated patterns in 54 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation.

Description: Bittersweet, melancholy melody played on syncopated pizzicato strings, harp and percussion in 71 second loop.

Description: Relaxed harp plays simple, somewhat bittersweet A/B patterns in 83 second loop suggested to underscore intimate scenes.

Description: Piano, strings, flutes and percussion trade motifs a la Golden Age of Hollywood in 108 second loop. Suggested for "happily ever after" effect as credits begin to roll.

Description: Slow, sad solo organ composition in 65 second loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative.

Description: Piano plays sultry, flamenco-inspired melody accompanied by acoustic guitars, upright bass and Latin percussion in 85 second loop.

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