Description: cello plays slow, haunting a/b/a pattern to resolution after 60 seconds. suggested for funeral scenes, sad transitions and foreboding film sequences.

Description: bowed bass plays simple motif, accompanied by sparse piano. suggested for scenes involving mystery or intrigue, resolves after 60 seconds.

Description: a/b/a arrangement of sad, single note piano motif, to quicker bridge of optimism, returning to initial motif. suggested for scenes of heartbreak.

Description: english and french horns play simple pattern with cello and bass. suggested for tranquil scene of reflection or exposition.

Description: string section plays recurring pattern with light percussion. good for a chase scene, or to accompany tension or intrigue.

Description: harp and cello start at peace and resolve to tragedy. suggested for intimate scenes exposing looming trouble.

Description: slow piano piece accompanied by harpsichord and strings. suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet love scene.

Description: slow solo piano piece reflecting grief or unrest. suggested for intimate scenes of loneliness, sympathy or serious narrative.

Description: Piano, strings, harp and percussion combine for moody arrangement in 154 second loop suggested to underscore dramatic scenes, sequences depicting heartfelt deliberation and nostalgia.

Description: Piano, electric guitar, strings, bass, French horn and drums play uplifting arrangement to final chord fade.

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