Description: Solo piano plays simple patterns suggested to underscore intimate scenes involving romance, reassurance, reflection and optimism.

Description: Simple piano composition with methodically sequenced synthesizers suggested for underscoring of motivational images, narration and scenes involving waiting or anticipation. Also for depictions of efficiency, progress, assembly line production, transition, time lapse photography. Key of A, 120 bpm

Description: Laidback, melancholic solo piano arrangement with simple, spacious rhythm motifs suggested for underscoring of love scenes, heartfelt narration, montages, transitions, epilogues, resolutions and nostalgic sequences a la Norman Rockwell. Key of A ends in E, 60 beats/min

Description: Simple, peaceful, upbeat solo piano plays quiet arrangement suggested for intimate scenes.

Description: Electric rock guitars, bass, drums and synths play energetic shuffle patterns in style of sports highlight reels.

Description: Energetic 30 second dance mix of real guitars, real bass, vintage Moog and Prophet synths, organ and drums a la Paul Shaffer’s Late Night band.

Description: 30 seconds of solo piano playing simple melody, resolving to fade of final notes. Suggested for romantic, nostalgic or intimate scenes

Description: 15 seconds of house influenced mix of beat box, vintage Moog, Prophet and virtual synths. Suggested for club scene, tech montage, energy building overture or theme. Key of F minor

Description: Electric guitars, bass and drums play retro pop rock A/B patterns with country-flavored lead fills, inspired by The Rolling Stones. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions and media spots. Key of D

Description: Electric and bass guitars, drums and percussion repeat four bar rock pattern, as arrangement subtly builds. Suggested for showcasing sensational sports video clip compilations, action scenes, chase or crime-in-progress sequences, and underscoring of energetic voice-overs. Key of E, 140 beats/min

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