Description: Bass, drums, percussion and rock guitars trade riffs in 54 second loop with sixties and seventies nostalgic “hand jive” style, lead guitar repeats rock riffs.

Description: Electric guitars, bass and drums play retro pop rock 68 second loop with country-flavored lead fills, inspired by The Rolling Stones.

Description: Retro rock guitars play 12 bar blues pattern with organ, bass and drums in 61 second loop.

Description: Retro British invasion style pop rock guitar groove with bass guitar, drums, piano and organ in 67 second loop.

Description: Relaxed, carefree groove with retro organ, electric guitar, congas and percussion playing A/B parts in 55 second loop.

Description: Deliberate, punchy arrangement of bass guitar, drums, piano, organ and percussion in 96 second loop suggested for crime-in-progress scenes.

Description: Electric rock guitars with bass and drums play 66 second loop with recurring haunting lead line.

Description: Organ plays relaxed, reflective melody accompanied by guitar, bass strings, and light percussion in a 24 second loop.

Description: Energetic dance groove in 80 second loop, similar to David Letterman's Late Night band, has 2 sections.

Description: Retro rock guitar plays dirty lead line accompanied by clavinet, organ, bass guitar and drums in 68 second loop.

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